All Fine on the Day: a look at past royal weddings which have turned out well despite problems

All Fine on the Day: a look at past royal weddings which have turned out well despite problems

Being part of a royal family may be a privilege but it does not protect its members from the worries and woes that beset everyone else.

Weddings are famously fraught with difficulties, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are discovering. Perhaps they can take comfort from the fact that other royal nuptials have faced problems in the past, yet everything has turned out fine.

The wedding of Prince…

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High hopes that Prince Philip will be able to attend the Royal Wedding after his appearance today

High hopes that Prince Philip will be able to attend the Royal Wedding after his appearance today

The Duke of Edinburgh has made his first appearance in public since he underwent hip operation last month.

The 96-year-old was seen driving himself at the Windsor Horse Show after the hip surgery.

His grandson, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle next Saturday, 19 May, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle but it will not be confirmed if Prince Philip will attend. However, seeing him out and…

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Queen Elizabeth flies into London to meet Prince Louis

Queen Elizabeth flies into London to meet Prince Louis

Her Majesty The Queen flew into Kensington Palace yesterday to meet Prince Louis for the first time.

The Queen took the 40-minute helicopter trip into London from Windsor Castle where she has been staying with Prince Philip while he recovers from his hip operation. 

Prince Louis is Queen Elizabeth’s sixth great-grandchild and third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

While it was certain…

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For or against? Should Dame Anna Wintour have removed her sunglasses when meeting The Queen?

Yesterday, The Queen made a surprise appearance at London Fashion Week where she sat front row next to Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Dame Anna Wintour. Many were quick to point out that Dame Anna did not remove her sunglasses when meeting Her Majesty. Was this a breach in protocol or nothing to fuss over? Here are two opinions: Yes, she should have- by Jamie Samhan From the time we are young, we are…

The Queen to send private message to Queen Margrethe after death of Prince Henrik

On 13 February, Prince Henrik of Denmark died only hours after being transported back to his home after a hospital stay so he could be more comfortable in his remaining time. He was surrounded by family. Condolences have poured in from around the world including President Macton and Vladimir Putin. Richard Palmer of the Daily Express, confirmed on Twitter a statement from a representative of…

The Commonwealth begins talks about who will succeed The Queen after her death

The Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth, currently consists of 53 countries scattered across the globe. Canada and Australia are some of the most commonly-known commonwealth nations states that make up this entity. Nearly every continent is touched by this hand of British influence. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II currently holds the title of Head of the…

History behind top Royal Baby name predictions

In just about a month and a half’s time, the #GreatKateWait will once again begin. The Duchess of Cambridge is due with her third child in April. There is no news on if she is having a girl or boy; sorry, but the colour of her coat isn’t giving anything away. Ladbrokes is still favouriting another princess, a Princess Mary to be exact. The names behind Ladbroke’s most popular choices are no…